Date: 2/6/2017

By finethread

My sister and I met in a forest and came across a cave where a shrine was built into the rocky wall over a large hole that went too deep to see the bottom. Nikki hung over the edge and suggested that we steal the gemstones. She broke off a hunk of clear quartz crystal and I broke off a piece of large amethyst and took a handful of mint green crystal spheres. We left the cave and began to run knowing taking them would have consequences. We got in my car and drove through trails of trees before coming to a pond the colour of the mint green crystals I took....the pond was full of broken trees. The water began to swirl quickly forming a cyclone. ..... I was traveling with Jamie and going to meet him in the mall. I drove down busy roads and then came to park in a parking lot close by and walking in. I came in through a pet store with the most unusual pets (otters, weasles, ect), mythical creatures... A boy picked up a small flat container containing a grey snake stating he was getting it as he was done with geckos. .. I wake up.