The Day of Firsts

Date: 3/5/2017

By rambunctious

The university looks so different than the last one i went to. It looks very much the same with the pictures of grand universities shared in twitter that i have always admired every time it appeared to me. There are a lot of large american-looking buildings all over this campus but i stood beside a soon to be special one- a small, somewhat 4 story red building. Today is the very first day of my new academic beginning in Finland. I still have a lot of time before my first subject in the topmost floor of the structure beside me. I am standing on the grassy garden just outside the pavement of the small shops and café that settled on the first floor. Vanessa had already went upstairs and inside the classroom. She was in no mood to accompany me while i wait for someone i have never seen before. A couple of people are passing by me, most of them students, some of them customers of the stores, some just daily ordinary people. I am still here, without a phone. I do not even know if this meeting is going to be real. . . but there he is walking amongst the crowd. He looks very familiar. I recognize his grayish blond hair. We had shared a lot of stories about our hair and how he had painted his when he was 26 and how he had only went to one stylist for the past 4 years. I recognize his usual looking-for-something face. I remember him wearing this expression when I watched him look for ingredients as he cooked. I recognize those eyes, those deep-sea blue colored spheres. I used to stare at them for hours and hours whenever we called. I had told him how he has an unusual shiny skin just around his tear ducts and how that seemed incredibly unique to me and he told me how he loved mine, brown, slightly chinese, and one smaller than the other. I recognize his built, despite being buried in the silhouette of the walking crowd. I only saw him. Everyone else were out of focus for in that day only he mattered. "Ah. This body" i said to myself as i chuckled mentally. I remember how I made him do silly poses in front of me for smiles and giggles in the short times we shared in our secret moments. I recognize him, the man i have shared so much with, the man who has told me all his worries and woes, the man i have talked with everyday for the past few months, the man, that despite me having never literally seen or even touched, i have loved and am in love with. Still standing here, I think he had just looked at me. I think he had just recognized me. Oh he did. I know in the little time i have before the bell rings for my first class, we would do what we have always wanted to the moment we fell for each other. We would touch. We would love. And for the first time in a long season, two men would finally live. Now, here he comes.