Date: 1/24/2017

By secretthunt

I had two very distinct dreams last night. this one was creepy, and I'm still trying to make sense of it. In my dream I was a little boy, and I was in what I believe was foster care (I didn't know the family caring for me). I was always in trouble and generally miserable, and then I started finding these letters being written to me. there were two other young girls in the houss, I wasn't the only one, but I didn't have any interaction with them on my own part. not theirs. I couldn't tell if they were being written by these girls, or a kid watching from the outside. these letters explained in depth why I needed to run away. that the woman looking after me was going to kill me, and it convinced me that she was abusing me (which is what it seemed like throughout the dream). one point we were in the store I ran for the door trying to get away. one of the girls tried running after me but I was faster. I didn't get far before people were looking for me, and I was grabbed down the busy street by an officer and brought back to the house where they sat me down at my table and started asking questions. I explained the abuse, how terrible quality the house was in, how mean the lady was, how my life was in danger. the cops looked confused and kept asking questions. I told them about the letters. brought down the ones I had saved and even a few I had written back but never had the chance to put down. the cops brought the woman aside and when they came back they told me the letters had the same hand writing, and I was showing signs of a psychotic break. I reached under the table and found the pen I had written the other letters in, along with a small notebook wedged between a wood piece. they threw me in a mental health institution, and when I came back, the place was so much bigger and it went from disgusting to beautiful. I don't recall ever knowing of the other personality or writing the letters. I don't recall ever seeing a well put together place, all I know is I found letters, and lived with rats climbing over feces and discarded shoes that had been chewed up.