Date: 4/22/2017

By Marcy

i had a dream that i was in college and my aunt had another child (she has 4 so far, this one was a boy) i had my own apartment in a city adjacent to this one office building. me and my friend walked around the offices just kinda seeing what goes on so i can hopefully get a good idea of what the​ workplace would be like. I also was moving stuff for my aunt in the same size apartment and found a cute little handle for a wagon toy you could change the handles on which said "trans gen-deer" it was yellow and really cute (for me being a trans girl atleast) i swapped out the old blue handle for it and put that with the toys and went back home. the next morning i was helping move more and my aunt got really mad calling it "really disgusting" how i could take something so beautiful and ruin it and i woke up crying