Date: 2/1/2019

By jack_burns31

Australia - Midday - Sunny (w) Myself and my family were on holiday enjoying ourselves on a beach. It was a small beach but the waves were noticeably big. 5-6ft. I urged my family to come and surf with me but they refused. We stand around having fun, when suddenly a sense of doom surrounds me. The air has a salty taste and the surroundings look darker. I look up at the sky and it takes me a while to notice a gigantic wave the size of a skyscraper soaring above. My parents tell me and my sister to run but it was too late. The wave came crashing down. We black out. The next moment I woke up in a friends house, in Australia, but this time I was on holiday with my friends. I walk around only to realise I had forgotten my suitcase and all of my stuff. Fortunately there were spare clothes that fit. Me and my friends joke around about me forgetting my suitcase. The end (I woke up)