Hole in the Wall

Date: 3/23/2017

By ksaspo

Ok so first one I had a few nights ago: I was in this house. It was older and so it was built very like, I dunno, definitely not an open floor plan. We were upstairs and there was a hallway and a bunch of rooms and like, it was very plain looking. Like as if it were an older time, like the colors were all beiges and almost like a lil dusty and cool colors though but browns and ok I'm not describing it well. But anyway I was there and then I was in a room and Hotch from Criminal Minds was there but he was like, arguing with m or something?? But like, more like just talking sternly at me and he was holding a broom and I turned my back and then he was suddenly gone but the broom was still there. And I go over to where he was standing and in this space between this bed (with like, a light metal frame) and a large bookcase (like super pretty old wood like sturdy ass book case) there is a space of wall that looks like, weird. So I go towards it and I stick my hand completely into it. I'm like "oh shit this is weird" and I'm looking for something to hold on to to like, teather myself to so I don't fall in to but I can still like, grab him when my friend Jen from high school comes in. She's like "maybe there is something downstairs?" So I go downstairs and I pass a spider and I like, "freak out" but nothing crazy I just go and get a shoe, but as I try to go get it I fall on the floor and like, can't get up. And then a HUGE ass roach comes bounding down the stairs at me and I'm like, on the floor so I'm freaking out and now there are two bugs so I just get up and run upstairs back to where Jen is. She grabs me and leads me to another plainly decorated room where there is a double bed and she pushes me down onto it and then straddles me. But there's someone else in the bed?!??? So in my mind I'm like "uh Jen I'd love for this to be that kind of dream but I have much too much on my plate right now, Hotch is stuck in the wall, there are roaches and spiders all over this place, and who is this guy???"