Rescued From The pain

Date: 6/19/2019

By StarDreamer

In this particular dream I was living back in my home town (Milwaukee) and I was living with my grandma And mother. My mom decided to take me grocery shopping since I had money for it. We got a whole bunch of vegan food like vegan lunch meat, cheese and vegan mayonnaise. We also got some ready made meals but for some reason I wasn’t happy, I guess I was afraid of spending too much money since I’m financially cautious. After we left the random grocery store We went back to my worst nightmare (my grandmas house). My grandma was so mad at me and my mom because we didn’t buy her any food with MY MONEY!! WTF. She then began bullying me while my mom put away the groceries. Awhile later me and my twin sister both ate vegan lunchables then as night came I was crying and suddenly a little boy and his dog flew into my room window and told me he was their to rescue me from all of my stress and pain. So I left with him and we began rescuing other people who had a horrible life like me. We flew off into the night and I was sad to leave my mom and twin but I left them my groceries and I knew I could always fly and visit them. The End