Death of Another Beloved Cat

Date: 9/29/2019

By Joven8888

It was dusk and I'm at home in our province. I'm passed through the kitchen and saw our cat, Hiro, sitting on its tray, which is placed on top of the kitchen corner. Then I went to another room; I was doing something when my younger sister arrived. Then, she went straight to the kitchen and she suddenly shouted and cried as if she was grieving. Our parents heard her and entered the house. Curious with the tragedy, I also went there to see. I saw our cat seemingly dead, motionlessly lying on his stomach and with its eyes open. Its face was like squished by its own paws and it seems to be stopping something from going out of her body like the face of someone holding his pee. I approached. Our mother touched it and it was already stiff and dead, she also accidentally touched the liquid behind its legs that seems to be pee. I said to her that she should not touch it, it's dirty and I proceeded to tell my sister that it seems like all her cats don't last and die early. My sister was still crying while our father was cleaning the place. I woke up.