Another Dream I was A Girl

Date: 3/4/2019

By BeastFromTheEast

This is I think the third dream like this in a year I've had. So I was at a few places and I kept switching from Male to female. I don't know why it happened and it was weird and I was scared people would think I was gay or something lol. But they couldn't recognize me because i was literally a different person. I was at this grocery store and i was so hot like gorgeous. I had the most dark and bright blue eyes ever. I had boobs, a PERFECT body, tons of makeup and painted nails. I was hot like a model x7 I was wearing skin tight blue skinny jeans, and some kind of loose top that girls wear. I liked being a super hot girl UNTIL I REALIZED I really didn't because I was scared some guys were going to come flirt with me and that's just weird as fuck. Haha After I thought about that I just wanted to be a guy again. And I turned back lol