Date: 8/7/2017

By tiafaithberger

So I saw this girl that was hanging in the streets with only her underwear on and a guy standing there looking like he was going to do something bad and l wanted to help her so I came back later and went to the same place but then when I wanted to help her I was actually fighting her and I threw a punch and she blocked it and then again and then again and I hit her finally and kicked her and she was trying to fight me too but I blocked all of her hits and kicks and then she grab my wrist but then I brought up my elbow and hit her in the nose and I heard it crack while she groaned and I was like 'yay' in my head and then the fighting kept happening but I bet her and apparently I was an undercover agent that just learned to fight so I wasn't that good but then I left and went to this Mexican place and went inside the door and 2 people were in there too and said I couldn't continue and one was a women and one was a man and then it turned into this situation where we were all cramped in the door and cuji was with us and the said " if you get the dog out we will let you in" then thy left the tiny space and I put cuji out of the door and she started running home and I said " run cuji as fast as you can!" Then I forgot about the Mexican place and started walking to this school type city hall thing and I walked past people through this garden thing that was also stairs and once I got into the building I saw Abigail and she said come sit by me and everyone was wearing blue and I looked down and I was like " haha I actually wore blue today" and I was wearing this sort of light blue tye dye shirt with a big blue smiley face on it and a bracelet that me and Abigail showed each other and laughed and I saw Timmie form across the room and felt bad that I didn't sit with her but I didn't see her so I didn't and then I turned to Abigail and started talking loudly about the fight I just had and I won and then she said shush because the speaker was talking and then I was quite and then more people I knew started sitting down including patience and she waved to Timmie because they are friends and she waved back and I waved to Timmie but she ignored me sits because she didn't see me, that is all I remember of that part and then st the end it showed the girl that an fought with her mother and they were both in this mansion wearing red bikinis and working out and the girl said " I can't wait to fight that girl again but this time I will win!😏" and then the mother said " you better😒" that is the end of that dream.