chase something important

Date: 7/20/2017

By This1LuckyGuy

in this dream I was in a neighborhood that was desolate. as if something happened that cleared the streets. I was going to someone's house and saw a practice sword that was mine. one of the people in this house stole it from my garage and I was pissed as I took it back. But somehow it was lost from my grip and they stole it again, leaving in a car that I could not catch up to. the car crashed ahead of me, But I still could not get there in time to grab this practice sword that was so important to me. there was another one there, but it was broken and unusable. I recall the people who took it were in an extended family house and spoke and looked native American. I recall being in a small apartment to stay off the streets and Steph was there, on a bed that was seperated with a divider on rollers like in a hospital. That's all I remember. there was another dream, but it's gone from my head. can't remember it at all.