Digital art, As they drive down a dark alley, the car hits a hidden pothole, sending it tumbling multiple times and leaving the passengers injured, only to discover a mysterious buried truck as the cause of the accident.

Bad car wreck🚙

Date: 2/5/2019

By ChefRiggs

My friend Deric and I were driving down the road in my new Jeep and we pass a cop who pulled someone over so I decided to take a back road to avoid the cop. We were driving down an ally pretty fast and hit a pot hole that sent us rolling. My Jeep rolled about 5 times and stopped upside down. I flew out the window and busted my hand when I hit the ground. I went to check if Deric was ok but when I get there I see his torn open shoulder (down to the bone. Really bad and bloody) He looks at me with a straight face and says “f**k you.” I was surprised and sad that I hurt him. I helped him out and we tried to figure out what happened. We were confused as to how we flipped so bad and hard to total my car. (Dream logic) I guess there was a truck buried in the ground and after driving into the bed of the truck we flipped??? I help Deric walk to the hospital cause we didn’t want the cops involved. By the time we got there my broken hand was just a little scratched and Deric’s shoulder injury only needed a few stitches. I talked to someone in the lobby while I was waiting for Deric. Apparently he had found Deric’s wallet. Then we left and I woke up.

AI generated interpretation This dream may reflect your worries and concerns about unexpected accidents and their consequences. The Jeep may represent your personal goals and aspirations, and the back road may symbolize unconventional or risky paths that you may be taking to achieve them. You may feel the need to avoid authority figures or rules that may hinder your progress. The pot hole you hit may represent an obstacle or setback that you did not anticipate. Rolling five times and stopping upside down may indicate a feeling of being out of control and overwhelmed by events that spiral out of hand. This may reflect your fear of losing control or failing in your personal or professional life. Your friend Deric's injury may symbolize the negative effects that your actions or decisions may have on others. His reaction of "f**k you," may indicate feelings of anger, resentment, or betrayal. The truck being buried in the groundmay represent unforeseen or hidden dangers that may cause harm or disruptions to your plans. The fact that you ended up in the hospital may indicate the need for healing or to seek help to overcome the consequences of your actions. The discovery of Deric's wallet may represent a need to take responsibility for your actions and to make amends for any harm caused. Overall, this dream may reflect your fears and stress towards unexpected events that may impact your personal goals or desires. It is important to recognize potential obstacles and plan accordingly to avoid or cope with them. Also, it is important to consider the impact of your decisions on others and be responsible for them.