Mountain tsunami, flying, post-apocaliptic world and cold

Date: 4/14/2017

By dixsilence

I was here at my house, my father was here. It was a normal day until he said he was feeling an earthquake. I felt it too and it was weird, too low magnitude but strong. Shortly after I went up to my room to my window. It was a flood/tsunami coming from the mountains. I closed all windows and doors, I tried to warn my family but it was too late. The house shakes a little, the first floor was already covered in water (outside, none of the water came in) and the wave was reaching my window. Thankfully nothing bad happened. Now I'm in the city after the killer wave, it was kind of apocalyptic. Everything was brown and grey, all was covered in metal meshes and the people where all the likes of mad Max but still in a city. I was worried to go back home so I tried to fly with a jacket I had. There was a lot of wind so just like a bird tried to grab that current and with my clothe has a parachute just flew away. After that I landed on some allew with kids they were arguing about something. I took a gun from them because things were escalating. I don't remember clearly but there was a weird woman with dramatic changes of personality. At the end it was a crossdresser, his lover said he had a multi personality so he was dating like 6 women in one. Weird. Finally I came back home and my grandfather was alive. All my family was outside at the night chatting and I and Gramps were inside. He was getting mad because there was a killer cold and everytime someone opened the door the cold was getting inside. At the end everyone got in the house, we were all going to sleep and my Gramps took an Easter egg of his coat, I thought it was form me so I chewed the base but It was actually for my mother. ???