College Seminar

Date: 7/22/2017

By drunchee

Before school, me and Marcos are at Marcos's house playing around, making jokes about cartoon characters as we usually do. This time it was about Jon from Garfield. We watch the beginning of a Garfield movie that starts off with Jon trying to do his normal buisness but his dog (not a cat, a dog) keeps doing annoying or destructive stuff in his already hustling bustling chaotic neighborhood. After this we're in a school bus with all the classmates. I'm sitting in a seat by myself. Marcos is sitting in front of me also by himself but we're talking so I don't know why we didn't just sit by eachother. Anyhow, Allie is missing, apparently coming to school later. The bus starts moving and it's moving chaotically, sharp turns, very fast, etc, so it's cool. At some point we're in a ghetto sorta city and the bus disappears for some reason. Me and Camden are left behind and the now invisible bus keeps moving ahead albeit slowly. I can see my classmates inside the bus as if it's invisible, like Wonder Woman’s invisible car. Camden tries to catch up with the bus but I am having trouble cuz I have to carry a school chair too. I don't know how or why I have a school chair, but I must carry it and it weighs me down. I eventually make it to the building where the seminar is at, and the people giving the speech are some teens I don't know along with Erica and Courtney, my cousins. The seminar is awful, they just keep ranting and Courtney keeps looking at her phone. Courtney says Jon from Garfield is hot.