Asian girl, store experience

Date: 2/24/2017

By psychosiz

I had a dream that I was at a professional hockey game. I was wearing the same as a sharks jersey, and a girl I've seen previously was part of the ownership team, she was an Asian girl with long hair. I caught her sisters eye, and we exchanged A pleasant glance. I spoke to the mother who came in after word after I heard her talking about wanting to sell her property. I told her I had friends that might be interested in her property. The dream then shifted to a mall or small store like area. It's similar to somewhere I had dreamed of or been before, but I don't remember where. I remember walking up several flights of bridge like stairs, and I want up in a area which had some stores. On the way up there was a woman in a guy behind me, the guy behind me touch my back as if he was trying to get around me or he was in patient, it wasn't A mean gesture, he was just excited. I walked into a store, which was a candy store. A woman approached me and was talking about specials and trying to sell me onThe prizes you can win if you made the purchases. She was showing me some blankets which were very soft and looks nice. The stores seem to be themed around characters I was familiar with She then caught my attention and tried to show me a Jafar Costume. There was a show going on right below us, she showed me the job for a costume on the character which was down below us in the show. I remember feeling that the costume looked like a good replica of what was being worn on stage. Then I woke up.