The werewolf assh*** organization and the ones who are shunned

Date: 4/16/2017

By MysterSky8

In this dream, there is a lot of things going on at once so I'll do my best to write it. I'm this young boy and I'm just like walking around this forest. I think I live nearby, so it's a normal thing to walk around. I start getting uncomfortable and notice something is off, and I feel like someone is around me, to the point I start sprinting through the forest at full speed. It seems like I'm getting chased by an animal, or wolf at first and finally it catches up to me. I get away with only a scratch, the animal continues running on. I'm a little hazy on the details in the middle, but I do remember freaking out and going home. I don't think my parent are home. I think they do overseas trips or something, and I'm waiting on them to get back home. I forget how it happens, but the next details I remember is that I'm with a bunch of other kids and everyone is trying to get into a height line. I get super aggravated because I get in line behind someone a little taller than me, the correct spot I should be, and then the kids behind me screw it up because they are smaller and need to be in front of me. Once I adjust again, all the taller kids disappear and I have to adjust again. Eventually the height line gets completed. I remember there was definitely an alpha female in charge of this, they grab me for some reason and I think after this I'm forced to sit in a soccer mom's car even though I'm the only in it. I get the feeling it's better to just stay inside the car for now and not try to run around and leave. The perspective changes to the "animal" who scratched me. It takes me to this young man who is ridiculed by his community because of the day he, "Got his disease." He is a werewolf, and I believe he was turned on Walpurgis Night, April 30, because he gets such hate for it for being turned on a stupid day according to the others. People are calling it a fake Halloween, and there's just not people who treat him well because of it. He is a loner, and is very alone. It's not because it's his nature to be alone, it's just safer he feels to do that to escape the hate and not be within it. He finds out later about the boy whom he scratched, and finds out that it was actually was able to turn The boy himself into a werewolf. Traditionally it's only supposed to be a bite that has the transformative power, but the boy must've been super susceptible. The werewolf feels super guilty about this, and learns the organization of werewolves he works for is taking the boy. It breaks his heart, because he knows the boy won't be treated right and it's full of assholes. He starts searching for the boy to take him under his care, because he wants to treat him the way he wanted to be treated in the past, rather than the assholes in the organization bullying him. He starts heading to the organization. Jumps back to my perspective. I'm in the car, waiting for lord knows what. I notice if I lean back with a little force I can push the car back a little. I decide to start doing this to eventually back out enough to run away, but this strong feeling woman hops into the drivers seat and we actually start heading off. I don't remember where she decides to take me, but I decide to try to memorize the signs, so if anyone does try to find me later I can be able to tell them where. I remember actually reading two signs. I actually remember one of them take the next right to reach Jefferson, TX. It's actually close to my actual hometown in reality, which I though was interesting. So, the woman takes this right and we pass this farm type looking house and area. Something weird happens at this point, the turn is kinda sharp and somehow I end up getting out of the car, and the woman doesn't seem to realize it. Immediately I run to the forest, which I consider safer than being discovered. I actually get really tired, like all the energy got sucked out of me and lay down. I have this internal monologue going on that's narrating. It talks about how I should get up before the alpha female comes back and discovers me, then it says something about a ghost attack that occurs upon myself just a little bit in the future. I think this catches my dream self's attention, because I HATE it when this one specific ghost attacks or chases me reoccurringly in dreams. So I do get up trying to leave before this happens, but the ghost I didn't want to see most appears looking the same: pale white dress, I think there's this white energy about her, and long dark hair. She doesn't say anything this time, but she is trying to reach me, and I want no part of it. I run to this type of cave and end up having to fight this dog/wolf looking animal. It's looks small and cute though, but it's trying to attack me. I only have scissors I somehow got a hold of, and my glasses get lost and I'm blind as a bat like Velma from Schoobydoo without them, with only a pair of scissors to keep this animal away from me. We make a game out of it, but I end up ducking when they alpha female ends up coming into the cave. I give this wolf the puppy eyes trying to get it to chill out until the woman leaves, but she discovers me and grabs me. I actually kinda miss the little wolf now because it went from life threatening to, I think it just wanted to play. Thinking back, I think it was on a leash all alone in the cave. Jumps back to the young man who turned me, and he is now asking his organization questions about the boy. He is arguing with them, because like I said, the organization is full of assholes who spread their negativity and like to attack you with it. He says something that startled me, even if my character wasn't there to hear it, but he calls me the equivalent of his son, and that it's his responsibility to care for me. This is the ending scene I remember of the dream. I'm the boy again, and I'm in a school. These teachers want 10 volunteers. There are some people that were chosen and instead have to go. I end up being one of the last few people out of the classroom and I lose everyone. I thankfully catch this freaking huge elevator that two people I know take, and it takes us to this theater. I'm back female, and I'm trying to fix my bobby pins because me hair looks a hotmess. A couple people think I'm being too extra for doing this. We end up getting to our location, the doors are open, but no one is getting out the elevator. I end up getting off and the people who volunteered are singing. After listening, they talk about the night they got their disease, or become a werewolf. I think the guy who turned the young boy is with the crowd.