My boyfriend is WILD. 😅

Date: 8/12/2019

By natassja666

In my dream I was at a party ridiculously intoxicated , I went by myself and I didn’t know anyone there very well. It was mostly outdoors, under these bright orange streetlights. this girl I know Ashley curew was there, she was the only person I recognized so I believe she may have been the one to invite me. This really goth guy was talking to me and flirting with me a bunch, even though I told him I had a boyfriend. My boyfriend messaged me and told me to leave and meet him somewhere and I agreed because it was getting very late. Ashley offered me one last drink and I went inside this high up apartment with her to make it. I’m not sure what we were making but it contained a lot of ingredients including lavender and it was taking us an extremely long time to finish making it. Suddenly my phone started ringing and it was my mom. I thought my boyfriend must have woken her up because he was so worried about me and didn’t know where I was. I didn’t answer my moms call, but I quickly apologized to Ashley and told her I really had to leave. I met up with my boyfriend outside of this huge warehouse where a lot of men were still working even though it was so late at night. My boyfriend told me they had just spontaneously given him a job interview and he thought he might start working there. None of the men working could see us even though we were very close to them, because it was so dark directly where we were standing. My boyfriend asked me “should I suck my own dick? Right here right now,” I was so nervous and shocked but I was like OK YA SURE. and he began doing it, a giant grin on his face. I was so turned on from watching him, my pussy was throbbing an insane amount and I felt electricity passing through my entire body. It was extremely intense. Then I realized I didn’t know he could do that and also it’s soooo out of character for him to do anything like this. Because of that I ended up going lucid. I don’t remember much though so I think I lost it very quickly. I just remember passing through mirrors to get to other worlds, and seeing a very bright yellow Alice in wonderland world where there was a crazier version of me with a huge terrifying smile.