From Human to Cat to Baby Demon Prince

Date: 2/9/2017

By Fitful

I was human and working in a warehouse with my uncle. But I kept taking trips to a higher plane to help animals who were friends of mine. These animals were being plagued by an evil spirit who was controlling them. I either got bit, or purposefully got myself infected by this spirit. Each time I succumbed to the venom I died and got closer and closer to the evil spirit. The evil spirit was pleased I had been infected, the others which were infected were considered his children, and had different ages of the child demon infecting it. I was a cat in this animal higher plane, and when I was dead and with the evil spirit even higher up I was a baby. I literally was the youngest of the evil spirits kids. My job was to get to the rat, and do something violent to it. The rat was the key, if I got to it I unraveled the whole thing and the animals were saved. But each time I died I only had a certain amount of time before the infection allowed the evil baby spirit to take over my spirit and start controlling me. I tried several times. All during this I kept popping back to my human self. Once I did this I was in a car and working on the seat belt. The second time I was creating bumps on a cement floor for the kitchen. The little bumps were meant for something, and remained raised but I had to carve them out and sand down around them. It was a very large job. My uncle, who was my partner too apparently, kept getting annoyed since I was always gone, until the big boss corroborated my absences. Apparently he too was an animal spirit jumper, but then I found out he worked for the evil spirit boss on an even higher plane and it made sense. My uncle didn't get any of that, just knew the boss ok'd it. He was still a bit upset. Later it did come out that even tho I was being called away on legit assignment I wasn't getting paid while away. My human self started to worry about money until I played the lottery or did some crazy investment which actually worked. I soon was raking it in. I noticed as an animal the last time I was on the animal plane and died, that the demon infecting me made me sprout cat hairs all around my mouth. Actually, I noticed when I began pulling them out, a lot of them, thin white hairs, grey ones, I kept pulling them out. When I looked in the mirror as a human, I saw cat hair all around my mouth. I didn't want to give myself away to the evil spirit that I was loose and free of his kids grip on my so I tried to stop pulling them out, but they freaked me out. Then I went back to the animal higher plane and died and went higher still. I was determined to figure out how to defeat this evil spirit and his children plague, I cornered an elephant acrobat evil spirit who loosely resembled Bing Bong from Inside Out. I say loosely because it was all done in shadow. He did amazing tricks, twirled around on long scarves behind stage, the kind up in the air where you do yoga or whatever mid air. I was chasing him, up into the point the infected baby spirit took over. Then the Evil spirit, my daddy, came along and picked me up. He was riding a larger creature which was fuzzy and resembled a tortoise if a tortoise had fur. There were several of his children there. The baby rat one was there too but I had lost control. I curled up as my little cat self beside the rat one, I was of the same size as the rat, is how small a kitten I was, and he the rat sneered at me and turned over, grabbing his tail like a blanket and going back to sleep. It was then I realized my size and youth made me like a prince among them, the evil spirit dad was used to coddling me, well my infected evil kitten self. I knew the next time I would get that white rat and do it a violence.