Post-apocalyptic Experiment

Date: 3/8/2017

By stateofdismay

There was a group of maybe 10 of us trapped in this building and trying to escape. But we had to complete all these, like, obstacles and puzzles and stuff. And we knew we were monitored the whole time by whatever corporation or lab or whatever it was that was keeping us there. And every one of the trials was some pretty fucked up horror movie shit. And if you failed, you'd be taken away but we didn't know where you went when you were taken. All we knew was that if we completed all the puzzles, they'd let us leave. So we finally got to the last room since each puzzle had its own room dedicated to it. And this one was like an arcade thing where we all needed to play a bunch of games and rack up as many points as possible. There was a giant gauge on the wall that tracked how many points we'd gotten and how many more we needed to win. So we're all playing these games and then we notice that it's not counting all of our points. So even though we should've passed the test, we didn't. We were told we wouldn't be allowed to leave, and then we saw this other group of kids about our age being walked past the arcade room because the wall the door was in was basically just a giant window. So they get led past the arcade to some door that we knew would take them either back to the beginning of the whole thing or to wherever the others had disappeared to. We were instructed to wait for our chaperone from the company to come and lead us to that door, but we decided to make a break for it. Across the hall from the arcade was another window wall with a door and this one led outside. So while no one was around, we all ran outside and began running as fast we could away from the building. And it was kinda trippy because it was late afternoon so the sun was starting to set, but it had to have been summer because of how warm and bright it still was. So we're running as fast as we can when we come across this alley with these little shop stalls where they were selling snacks and souvenirs and shit. But there was no one in them or anywhere else as far as we could tell. We were in this, like, Asian city that seemed to be kinda post-apocalyptic. So we couldn't read the labels of any of the food in the little shops, so we just blindly chose some stuff and kept running. We finally found this wall next to a highway to sit on for a while, so we just sat there and enjoyed the sunlight since we hadn't been outside in a while. As far as we knew, no one from the company was chasing us, but they could start at any moment. And we still hadn't seen any other people, so we were pretty confused. And then the dream ended as we were trying to figure out what to do next.