Date: 3/15/2017

By jkalien

it started on a boat and I went to the back of the boat. it was beautiful, aqua green water but the waves were really high so I had to wait. It took me awhile to find water shoes . I hadn't even thought about them but one of the guys that was on the boat said it was a good idea to wear them. I found a snorkel with an extension on it so that I could go even deeper in the water and still breathe and flippers. as I swim in the water, I saw fish and a broken teacup and then I swam to an underwater Market, where for some reason, I could breathe and this one booth was selling handmade artists jewelry but it was basically a small display of postcards that had individual artists creations on the cards. so basically, you had to find an artist that you liked and buy all the jewelry on that card. The sales guy had a binder that broke the pricing down and said that you had to buy the entire postcard of the jewelry you liked. the prices range from $80 to $150. I looked through multiple cards and pieces of jewelry and found one that I liked. the name was written in cursive and started with a capital L but I can't remember the whole name. I knew I was dreaming and tried hard to remember the name but didn't remember it in its entirety. I realized I left my money on the boat which was pretty much a yacht, so I went to swim back to get my money and I had some weird tray with wooden puzzle pieces on it that kept falling in the water. the cashier was floating in the water just hanging out with a cash register and I was supposed to come back and pay him.