Giant House

Date: 4/14/2017

By AbbyK

At first I was at a really big movie theater because I remember watching a movie in a theater, but when I left, it was more of a giant house with a bunch of different floors and rooms. I just remember that I was running from floor to floor through the hallways turning off the lights as I ran and it was all a blur. I finally got to the bottom where this rich family stood in their kitchen. There was the mom and dad with their two sons who were both very tall and very good looking. The younger son was about 20-22 and the older son looked about 25. The young son asked me why I was turning off the lights and for some reason I said something like, "because there's 50 bedrooms so I have to turn off the same amount of lights." He looked like he understood, though. The family wasn't mad that I was there and they invited me to stay so I did.