Love Lucid

Date: 9/24/2019

By CalMehJuly

I was lucid. Before that i was in a store. I had Money. A lot of money and wanted to buy a chocloate bar. But they wete expensive. 12 dollars for 1 bar? Then i was lucid. I wished for myself to be in a love triangle. I did. I was at a concert and slept on a girls shoulder and my hand behind a guy's back. I felt his heartbeat and took the girl to a dinnner place. I thought it was a food place but it was a jelwery place and it took forever to even pick what we wanted. I and her did FEEL SPECIAL DANCE BY TWICE on the same stage for people to audition to be the other memebers. Roses were thrown on the stage. I smiled. A dude stole the roses. I smiled I felt 😊