Bus, Night, Carnival, Colours

Date: 2/24/2019

By jubesticle

I dreamt that I gave it a shot with a guy again (Kai). My mom was out of town so my dad didn’t drive me and I had to bus. I had a hard time bussing and cried at one point. I was wearing neon orange eyeshadow. We went to the uvic bus loop to meet. He was wearing the same jacket that he always wears. He wanted to go to some carnival thing but we didn’t have time. He gave me a really good hug. I saw Bridget in the back of a cop car. He held my hand when we walked past her and it felt so real and familiar - almost just like the last time he held my hand in person. We then decided to drive (his car) to the yacht club. A kid got into a bike accident and we helped. My dad found us and was super mad, saying that he was going to “extend my curfew to 3am for christ’s sake.” Then we were sitting in this room with creations of different foods that represented how you could eat up certain aspects of people. They were made in different forms of one food item - I remember pumpkins and a very gray cake. The food was organized it rainbow order. Felt like we were running out of time the entire dream. Everything was dark themed because it was at night but there were many vivid elements of neon-like colours. I haven’t really felt touch so vividly in a dream before - I could even feel the clamminess of hands and tripping or hitting something did indeed hurt. side note - The song playing on my phone when I woke up is about a father and son relationship and says the word “dad” often which is an interesting correlation. The way the guy acted the entire time was also exactly the same as to how he acted in person with me.