Ex boyfriend visited me at work

Date: 8/26/2019

By Purple

I was at a job I didn’t recognize from real life experiences. I was talking about my ex boyfriend to my co-workers, because he was on his way over to visit me and I wanted them to meet him. We met him by the train, and when I made introductions, I forgot the names of my coworkers, because I was nervous for some reason. The ex boyfriend was wearing slacks, a vest and a tie. He looked very attractive, I noticed. I didn’t say anything, though. The time we hung out was very brief. I asked the ex boyfriend to follow me back for a bit. For some reason, we had to sit on a ledge and inch our way over to the other side before we could stand up again to continue our walk. Shortly after, we had to reverse our commute to get him back to the train. Dream ends.