Dinosaurs but I’m calm

Date: 9/25/2019

By Justinecg_

We were basicallly in a New Jurassic Park and we were walking brocade earlier we had escaped some Dino’s by leaving the car we had. I was on a bridge we heard screaming, I knew that this bridge was the only way to the safe exit of the park. So I told everyone we needed to get to the other side. Then we started crossing but on the other side a freaking velociraptor popped around the corner. It saw me and the other people crossing and this one guy took off running to the other side away from the raptor. I told everyone HOLD YOUR POSITION.Then all I had to defend myself was two pairs of scissors. So while the raptor was on the other side of the bridge I threw the first pair of scissors and they missed to the left. Then the raptor charged and everyone screamed. In mid charge I slid to the side and threw the other pairs of scissors and like a throwing knife it just lodged itself in the dinos skull, dead center. The whole time I didn’t close the scissors they were open so I threw them while they looked like an X. The Dino collapsed inches to my right dead. Then we just keep going like that feat of physics was no big deal. Or for the matter that I have no knife throwing skills.