Date: 4/8/2019

By SpackEntertainment

I don't know how it went that way but I ended up in an asylum with a friend. I remember there being no staff and we were riding a huge lift that looked really expensive. Our room was tiny and without anything in it. Just cement walls and floor and a big window without glass thats it. Then my dad arrived at the asylum (we saw it from the big window) with his car and in it were three teachers and 5 girls and we had no idea how we could fit into it. We used the stairs to get down but got bored and continued with the lift. It got stuck. Next scene was me and my friend next to the car again and we kinda squeezed ourselves inside, I had two girls on my lap. Then on our way home we saw a low quality animation of our physics teacher shooting with finger guns at a girl and suddenly she grew a dick.