sandwiches at nick’s house

Date: 2/15/2019

By madelinealaina

i was at my boyfriend’s house (nick); his entire family was in the kitchen with me. his dad went outside to dig tunnels in the snow. the rest of us decided to make butter sandwiches (kinda weird). i stood behind nick and watched him make everyone a sandwich. he didn’t make me one for some reason. so i got some bread and opened the drawer for a butter knife. his mom walked into the kitchen and said “so you think you can just come into my house and use my silverware without asking?” i was like “oh i’m sorry i was just trying to butter my bread. is that ok?” then she said “yeah i guess.” so i proceeded to make eight sandwiches (why?) and then i sat down at the table and started eating. my sister ava and her friend makenna ellicott were sitting at the table with me. we were watching tv and a commercial came on that was playing a remixed song (not sure what song it was). i looked it up and we all downloaded it and then listened to it on replay. then nick’s dad came inside and said “where’s my sandwich?” no one answered him. then he showed us the tunnels that he dug. i refused to go in them.