Another planet

Date: 6/10/2017

By jkulick

Dark On a spaceship with brothers About to see and explore a new mystical planet Half of the planet was lit from the sun and the other half was dark I was able to see from very far away how the sun was rising for exactly half the planet and setting for the other half We landed Little parasite type creatures were everywhere I remember saying aliens definitely exist cause how does this not count as life? I snuck one into my hand and kept it The planet had a lot of purples and greens, illuminating plants and very active, nonthreatening life forms It almost had a warm home feeling I then woke up in the dream (still asleep) and I had a tissue in my pocket with the tiny little life form. It was like a little black bug, only it had consciousness. I felt like I achieved what I had to and brought proof of life back with me from dreamland or the planet. Then I awoke.