Dream Within A Dream

Date: 2/15/2017

By bytedown2000

I really don't know where to begin. This dream had so much going on that I woke up feeling exhausted. Anyway, what I do remember is playing a video game that allowed me to travel the country in various modes of travel. This part was really strange but cool at the same time. It was like Virtual Reality without the virtual. I started the game by choosing a motorcycle and riding it to New Orleans. The crazy part about this was somehow I actually end up in New Orleans. When I arrived I was in a large game room like The one I started in. These game rooms where more like warehouses with large monitors for gamers. So, I move on to the next location but this time I decided to fly a small jet. I ended up in Ohio and decided to go to sleep because I was tired from the flight. Here is where I start Dream #2. My second dream was an extension of my first dream. I dreamt that somehow I got lost and I wasn't really in Ohio but ended up in Iowa. The warehouse was nowhere in sight. So, of course I begin to panic and figure out what went wrong. I'm talking to random people and no one knows what I'm talking about. Eventually, I realize that I'm dreaming and if I just wake up then I would be back in Ohio. Do you know how hard it is to wake up when you are having a dream within a dream? I am so tired, right now.