Hmm the Apocalypse??

Date: 9/1/2019

By torigrady7717

My parents, my grandma, my friend Luke and I all went on a “vacation” to some weird cement building in the middle of the ocean. We took this thing that we assumed was a boat, but it looked like a really big bean bag and it had Mickey Mouses face toward the front of it. It was riding really fast like a speedboat, and then we pulled into a dock. The sky was really gray and gloomy, and I already knew the zombies were going to come but I never said anything. We walked along a wooden walkway until we got inside- the building reminded me of the one from The Office but the dark vibe of it drove me away from the idea that that’s what it was. We got into the main room where there was a movie theatre sign that had the name of a zombie movie on it, and some severed bloody hands hanging from the ceiling. My parents were really excited to go see the movie and asked the rest of us if we wanted to go but we said no. I said no because I knew it was the apocalypse and didn’t wanna watch that movie. So we went into a room where we entered through a really heavy metal door. Once we all got inside, the door slammed shut behind us. In the room, there was a short in height but lengthy wooden table with bowls of fruits and cheezits on it. I then had a flashback where my family was sitting at a table and eating gnocchi soup- everyone was really enjoying it and slurping the dumplings out VERY loudly, but I didn’t want to eat it. I think I knew it was poisoned, and that poison is what made zombies. I came back to reality and my grandma, Luke and I all went to the window toward the back of the wall. We looked down to the floor outside to see a woman in a pink velvet tracksuit jogging in fear. We only saw her at first, but then a crowd of zombies came running after her. She jumped on top of a car to save herself, but once the zombies surrounded her, she rolled off the car(it kinda seemed on accident but not at the same time) and she was eaten. I looked to Luke and my grandma. My grandma just winced, but Luke said “imagine a baby losing its mama” and he made me cry. That’s it.