Christian Grey and Dragons

Date: 5/15/2017

By FireflyInDaylight

He was a combination of Christian Grey and the guy from the Witches of East End. I was in the bathroom having just had a shower. It was nighttime and when the moonlight touched my hair, you could see these blues and purples and aquamarine colors. I had my robe on loosely and I was thinking of him. He knocked on the door to ask me a question. I opened it a little to answer him. My robe wasn't covering my whole body and he could see the reflection of my back and my ass in the mirror. He got embarrassed and tried to turn away. I opened the door all the way, grabbed him and pulled him into the bathroom. I started kissing him, and took his shirt off. Then I pushed him back onto the bathroom counter. I licked his chest down to his pants. I climbed on top of him and continued to kiss him while rubbing myself against the bulge in his pants. He pulled away and pushed me off of him. He said "I can't" and ran out of the bathroom. I went back to my room and cried. My sister, her kids, her husband, and her in laws all arrived at the house. After I got myself calmed down and dressed I went downstairs to have dinner with everybody. My dad and my uncle were sitting at the kitchen table. They had all finished eating. They told my sister that they had saved a sub for her. I saw that nothing had been saved for me. I took the sub out of the fridge and threw it at my sister. I angrily told her "here's your sub! I guess I'm not important enough to save food for." I gathered stuff to make a sandwich and went back to my room. The door to my room was open and I was sitting near it while making my sandwich. "Christian" came out of a room and he was crying and upset. He said that nobody came to get him when it was dinner time. He said he hadn't been fed when he was a kid and now he needed to have his three meals a day. He said that we must not care about him to not tell him dinner was ready. He went into the bathroom, crying. I went into the bathroom and found him sobbing on the floor. I knelt down next to him and took him into my arms. I told him that mealtimes with us weren't very formal and we just kind of ate whenever we were hungry. I told him he was allowed to help himself to any food in the house and that there would always be food in the house. He looked up at me then and said that he was sorry about pushing me away earlier but that there was something that he needed to do to not hurt me during sex. He said he had done "it" now and just started kissing me. We were falling all over each other, kissing and touching. We ended up lying down on the bath mat and made love. Afterwards, we somehow got magically transported outside and turned into these half human, half dragon creatures. He had known all along that he had that in him (which is why he needed to do something not to hurt me during sex). I had no idea. He said that it was us having sex that released it in me. He said we were meant to be together and meant to fight this evil person/entity and only us coming together could release our powers.