A Scouts Last Day

Date: 6/7/2017

By nohaboa97

I'm somewhere I've never been before, something of a small city. I'm inside most of the time, but I know. I'm a boy scout, but I can tell I've reached the end of that road. I reminisce on an unrealistic memory where and arrow was shot at me at high speeds and narrowly missed as some sort of passage for scouting. The sound had been loud and my parents were both surprised. Now, I'm in the kitchen in the church where the scouts gather (a version that I have entirely made up) somewhere a couple rooms away from the worship hall where everyone else is. I'm packing a box with all of my scouting memories. I take plaques off of the wall that boast my name. I look into the box and realize that the arrow, which I had just been reminiscing about, is now broken. My parents come in and ask me something, though I can't recall what. I tell them I'm just packing up the last of my things. Somewhere along the edges of my memory I remember Jacob being there and talking to Tyler and I, although from the fragmented memory I can't tell if they were there in flesh or just personified from my phone conversations. I wake up.