Date: 2/8/2017

By Nepeto

So...this is probably the most weird and beautiful dream that I ever made. It all starts in a room,in this room there are me and what it's supposed to be my boyfriend(even if I'm single). So we are talking and laughing a lot but after many seconds of silence He starts to cry and runs in the but things with all his clothes on. So I decide to ask him what's wrong, and he says to me: "My parents hate me because I'm gay" while is still crying. After he says this I start to cry too and I say: "I KNOW, I'M THE SAME SITUATION BUT WE HAVE TO BE STRONG 'COUSE THERE'S NOTHING ELSE WE CAN DO" Then I ask him if I can sit in the bath tub whim him He answer "Yes".So I put his head on my legs and I start to caress his hear to make him quiet. Then He kisses me and we have a very cute and lovely sex.