Baby gull

Date: 7/5/2017

By dreamvan

Danny and I were living in the country. I don't know where but it reminded me of Prince Edward County, and we weren't far from the lake. I rescued a baby ring-billed gull. I found it abandoned in our driveway. I knew what kind it was because the dark spot was starting to form on its bill. It didn't actually look like a young gull. It had adult plumage (white body with grey wings) but it was smaller than a robin and fit in my hands. When it opened its beak, its throat was bright red. My daughter Brenna latched onto the baby gull. I had in mind finding a bird clinic that could rehabilitate it and return it to the wild, but she clearly wanted to keep it and I didn't have the heart to argue with her. She had an oversized square box strapped to her back and was pushing a grocery cart as if she was living on the street. Later we were driving around trying to take Danny's ex, Bill, to an airport, but I was still worrying about Brenna and the gull.