King of the Castle

Date: 8/5/2017

By SeeksInferno

This dream is a bit hard to follow but I'll try and make it make sense. It started off with me inventing some technological things that would improve people's lives. I made a lot of these things although I can't remember what they were. Anyway, my brother destroyed all of them, which caused me to really dislike him. He tried to make it up by giving me this strange document. This document, when signed, would make someone a king. Just like that. Wild, right? So I signed this document and it sent me back in time by a lot. I was still a king, and I found this area that had like the foundation of a massive castle. And so there's a bunch of other people my age there and they all join me in the building of this castle. We all start off by collecting resources and it was super weird because I remember collecting a handful of markers and another handful of wall tacks, like the kind used to pin stuff to a wall. Apparently that was useful. So I'm watching the castle be built. And it's going up ridiculously fast. Everyone around here supported me and wanted to be apart of this castle thing, but I didn't "rule" like a king. I didn't have a crown and I was more of a leader. So, the castle is finished, and it's massive. In the dream all I ever really see is the front wall and gate, as well as two giant towers to the left and right of the front wall, as well as the bridge going out and the houses beside the bridge. As people begin marching into the castle, I start giving yelling encouraging things at them, unfortunately I can't remember what it was. We have this giant military and we're armed to the teeth. We had these massive tower shields and these really scary looking swords that should've been greatswords but we could hold them in one hand. So everyone goes inside and I'm still outside and some rival group starts an attack on us. They started some fires on the bridge next to the houses so people on the wall had these buckets of water and splashed all the fires out. As the troops move out, I'm on the wall talking to someone about who exactly we're facing. He told me it was a kingdom that will send about half their military, and while the enemy kingdoms military is occupied they will send a lone royal to sneak into the empty castle and declare themselves king of that castle. So I go down to that bridge and look through the window to one of those houses and I can see this kid my age wearing royal garb and he's trailed by his mother for some reason. So without even grabbing a weapon I gain an inhuman burst of speed, run back around behind the wall, and run through the area that leads to the entrance of the house I looked through. Sure enough that kid is there. So I haul off and punch his lights out and he literally shrivels up, dies, and disappears. I punched his mother too and she just ran away. I get back to the top of the wall and there's another invader. It's mike fucking tyson wearing nothing but boxing shorts and gloves. So I grabbed a sword from a chest and swung it against him but he blocked it with his gloves. I then realized I had to go for his head, so I do. It leaves a massive dent in his cranium and mike tyson falls off the wall. Sorry mike :( All is well for now, until someone climbs up the wall with a chain hook. My dream then takes an absolute shit turn through Hell street as my dream changes to a vision of ten copies of Taras Kulakov getting impaled in the eye with a chain hook and it keeps repeating until I realize it's a dream and immediately wake up. Wild.