Laying low while getting laid on the clock

Date: 3/22/2017

By LazyDreamer

I'm pretty sure I was day dreaming/imagining a day at work about hiding out in the back where the freezers are, because there are no cameras there and no one goes back there often. This definitely was a daydream for the days where I just don't want to get any work done and just chill somewhere and get paid for it. Part time jobs, m'right? Anywho.. ____ So I'm back by the freezer door in the back, hiding where associates in the opposite cooler coming out can't spot me- tucked behind a wall and some freight pallets and random equiptment and goods. Eventually some random dream guy, with a name that started with an "R" that I completely forgot existed- Rodney, maybe (we'll go with that), found me with a sexy grin and hid with me. Apparently he had started work there recently in the dream. He moved the pallets infront of us to hide us completely behind the pallets if anyone did need to come in and out of the freezer that's right by us. I can't recall what he looked like but I just know this guy was fiine, he was quite sexy and charming. & we were getting hot back there. He had my wrists tied to a shelf above us at a height perfect for what was going down. After some intense sex, now I'm being groped all over as we were making out when suddenly this guy (in real life from work, and I don't know his name) comes through the doors and we duck silently behind the stack of plastic, red freight pallets. It's the young dude that I was shocked to hear had a kid, works full time, and is in Uni. full-time. I can see the guy from work pulling the load of freight to a stop infront of the freezer door right by us, but luckily he doesn't see us (I felt like that was because I didn't want him to so the dream delivered). The guy was pausing to look at the pallet while facing us- I see his face clearly, I'm standing still as Rodney is holding me close by his side silently observing the guy with adrenaline and excitement. He opens the freezer door and slowly brings the pallet in, and the dream ends. I awake thinking I snapped out of a daydream.