Craziest clone dream ever!!!!

Date: 5/20/2017

By indiberry

Ok so I was dreaming that I was in a kitchen, there were many counters around me also for cooking. (This may be due to thinking about food technology for school) and I was cooking and I needed to grab something from another desk-maybe a spoon or something- and then someone was like "where's *unknown name*" (sorry I can't remember her name- I'll just call her Jamie ) and everyone is calling out this "JAMIE?!". Finally out of nowhere she rises from her desk and spoke in a strange tone. Everyone returned to cooking. I went over to her desk to grab the item I needed to cook. I stood behind her, looking at her. She stood still with her arms rested on the table. She wasn't cooking like she was supposed to do. Suddenly I noticed something in my peripheral vision. To the right of me was a window, it had thick glass and was sound proof. There was someone on the other side waving their hands to get my attention I looked and in a distressed look she shouted "ITS NOT ME" only then did I realise this person outside was a complete look alike to Jamie. Instinct set in and (still standing behind her) picked up the large knife next to her and went to stab her in the neck ( I was behind so she didn't notice) but she turned around so quickly and grabbed my wrist while I was drawing up force to stab her. She looked at me and said "I assume that was an accident *my name*" I was in such shock I dropped the knife and walked away. Sealing the fate of a replaced woman.