Don't Let Me Down

Date: 2/24/2017

By caitlynm14117

I was at school and I had a class that was upstairs, and afterward I had to be at this fancy chorus thing downstairs. I was taking some class with a bunch of my friends' track friends and the teacher was my ex youth leader Micheal. I guess it was some kind of math class because I'd brought my math stuff with me. As I was leaving, Micheal calls out, "Caitlyn, you left your calculator." I go back and get it, but it makes me kind of late for the fancy chorus thing. I go down this really generic looking stairway that I recognize from my elementary school way back when, and when I get to the bottom the door's open. In the stairway I had my books and a water bottle. I remember thinking that I had to put the water bottle in the fridge and then put my other stuff in my locker. Well, when I got to the bottom, I only had my water bottle and my calculator. I go put the water bottle in the fridge somewhere, and then I'm putting my calculator away when down the hall, the door to the stairway closes, and I see my English teacher, Mrs. Northcutt, leaning against the wall. Immediately knowing that I'm possibly somehow going to get in trouble I tell her that I had to get my calculator and that's why I'm a little late. She walks me a little farther down the hall to the fancy room where the chorus thing is being held. Somehow I've changed into a dress. As we're walking she says "For the record, I thought you guys sounded better when she taught you." (Backstory here: This year we have a new chorus teacher than the previous two years. We sound so much better with the new teacher than we sounded with the old one. In my dream, the same thing had happened, but Micheal, the guy from before, had replaced Mrs. C, my elementary science teacher.) When she says this I'm pretty astonished because we sucked before and I'm like "No! No! We sound way better!" And now we're standing in the fancy room's doorway and she makes this "I don't believe you" face and says "I know you just think he's hot." And I'm like "No!" And then I see Emilie walking towards us and I'm like "Let's ask Emilie." So I stop Emilie and I ask "Aren't we better with him than her?" And she goes "Oh yeah." and keeps walking inside. Then I go inside without Mrs. Northcutt. The room is huge. Where you walk in there are a bunch of kids in my grade all dressed in dresses and suits. I see some fancy looking Chic-Fil-A boxes stacked in a corner like we're going to eat that later, and on the far end of the room there are some middle aged people who I've never seen before. I turn around, and there's this yellow couch up against the wall, then a table, then four or five chairs. Three girls are standing on their knees facing the wall on the couch while some guys sit in the chairs. There's music playing so a few kids are dancing. I start dancing with my friend Ryan. She says "I could break dance to this music." Then she makes this face like "what did I just say". Then we both start laughing because the music playing is this soft instrumental version of "Don't Let Me Down" by The Beatles.