Date: 3/3/2017

By supaninja007

So I kind of can't remember much but I know for a fact I went lucid. I remember the dream starting off with me and my friends let's call them A and A2. We were in my old Mosque and there were TV's in a small room. I think we watching videos or something and progressing through something but the room never changed only the stuff inside started to change. Then a DVR or DVD player appeared. It had a clock on it which reminded me about something in dreams. I told my friend to look at his watch but he wouldn't listen. I then looked at the clock on the DVR hoping that when I looked away and looked back the time would immediately change. And it did! Then I performed a reality check with breathing through a closed nose and it worked!! I started to feel excited and so I spun around while yelling I'm lucid dreaming. I stabilized for a little bit but I was still in the room. I went to the closet and then floated up. Then I woke up. I'm pretty mad I didn't get to anything but I went lucid for the first time!