Cliff Diving/Stranded With Professor

Date: 1/22/2017

By peachkeedi

Me and Jesse (my boyfriend) were driving to this mountain talking. We pulled over and started walking over a bridge and far into the woods. Then we started to rock climb up the mountain. I stopped at one point because I was scared and I couldn't see around the corner so he went in front to show me it was safe. I made it arround and we finally reached our destination. It was a big cliff with a lake under for cliff diving. Jesse jumped and did a flip to the water below. I got scared again and went back. Around the corner there was a hot spring pool inside the side of the mountain and Jesse was in it swimming. I joined him and then I woke up ...... I was in class in college and I walked into a fun class. A peofesser with white hair who was a little bigger was teaching. There was a projection of an anatomical man with squares around the missing heart liver and brain. We were supposed to figure out what was missing and make a cartoon out of it too. I was too busy talking to the professor I didn't finish on time. Fast forward to me waking up on a raft. The whole class was there and we were in the Forrest. The teacher was in a tent above me on the shore and when I looked up there was flags of my Hogwarts house hufflepuff but the badger was elongated and sharp. Then I woke up.