My best friend posted dick pics as his profile pictures on fb

Date: 4/18/2019

By levinelover

I went through Ryan’s profile pictures on Facebook, and saw a lottt of pictures of him naked, and shots of his penis. Some of the pictures I’d already seen, and many of them were new. There were at least 30 of these pictures! They were all taken at different angles and in different poses, but in the same place/setting. The pictures of him where he was posing, some of them were taken next cactus. All the pictures there was an orangey background and sand. I saw most of them had only one like, Dittam liked all of them to support Ryan. The second half mostly Sandy liked them, also to support Ryan. I screenshotted all the photos I didn’t already have, and was actually a little offended that there were a lot more photos I haven’t seen yet, I wanted to see everyyy nude photo/video of him first. Ryan said he’d go to that desert place with me to satisfy me, and that was exactly what I wanted. Me, Ryan, and his younger brother Kyle all went together. Ryan brought us into a convince store which really confused me. He went to the far end of the store, and there was a huuuuge outdoor open space that was orange, and it would be a cactus, long section of send, another differently shaped cactus and so on. Him and Kyle went venturing in to get food, but I didn’t bring any money so I just waited in the convenience store. I was really hungry. They came out of the cactus area happy and out of breath, and showed me a potted cactus they bought poutine for as a joke. It looked like New York Fries poutine. I looked at it knowingly, knowing I’d be the one to eat it. I don’t think I even asked I think I just picked it up and started eating it, Ryan would expect that from me anyways.