Date: 4/18/2017

By tori_g

1. I had (for some reason) left the house in the middle of the night and end I got to Tunstle Square there was a rogue driver and like 3 police cars. I got stuck in the middle and almost got hit multiple times. I remember the cars were just going in circles and I was clinging onto a post or something like that. 2. We were on a school trip and I was a leader and there was a blind heir so I was looking after her. We all went to a cliff sort of thing on the beach that was tucked away. The blind girl I was looking after wanted to jump off so I took her over and when she was about to jump I forgot to tell her how far out to jump but it was too late. She jump too short and fell onto the rocks so I quickly yelled out to the teacher to call the ambulance. I turn back around and when she was coming out she was distressed and was yelling and screaming that she couldn't breathe and she broke her back. Long story short when the ambience came it was like he had never it before. He was really rough and it seamed like he didn't care.