apocalypse in a mental institution w hillary clinton

Date: 8/8/2017

By asbailao

there was an alien-Trump-environmental apocalypse going on. I was a woman on a secret misson to save the world along with several people. I had some heavy issues from my past - I was young and had just left an institution, like a hospital/mental institution/orphanage where I lived all my childhood and teen years. the mission involved going back to this building, especifically to the room where I lived and shared with a guy who looked like Andrew Garfield. the room was like a motel room outside the main building, like a small house with a parking lot in the front. it was a dark night, and a black car parked and Hillary Clinton walked out of it - she was on the mission too, with other people as well. we had to go through my old room / motel house and then through a secret passage. the room was like i had just left it, the bed was still unmade, like I had just turned 18 and left the institution on the same day. through the secret passage we walked outside a secret garden, where it wasnt night anymore. there was a huge field with weird and luminous flowers and mushrooms, the field went upwards towards a forested hill where we could see the hospital building. the pacients had a happier life at this field, free to run around on the grass. the sky was purple, or mauve, the light very soothing, like early morning, light but not too bright - like an endless dawn. i was discussing politics and the American elections with my mission partners (I think one of them was Leslie Jones) until I woke up.