Date: 6/8/2017

By justhannah

I was on my way to Puerto Rico. To visit my aunt, for some reason she had twin babies with her and her and her husband looked sad. In my head I thought it was because of the Manchester Bombings. They had like tons of dogs in their house to one day I took all the dogs along with my own and went to walk them all. They stared running down the stairs. 2 of them got loose and ran too fast down the stairs so I was jumping over the rails to try and catch up to them. So I let all the dogs go so I could race in front of them and stop them. Then I teleported to a plane. I felt iffy about the plane. The ride was way too fast and turny. The pilot landed in the middle of cross county and slammed the plane down hard. I had a feeling that something was wrong so I teleported out the plane with my family. And we walked away. When we got to our car, the pilot caught up to us and explained that he wasn't the one doing the slamming. He said that there was a bad person controlling him and forcing him to do that with the plane. Then I teleported to this weird hill valley place where there was a little party with food. Some girl who was apparently by best friend in my dream was there. Some girls from my school walked up to me and started acting really mean, saying I was fake and that I did something bad to my other friend who is my best friend in real life. They were saying that she was complaining about me and wasn't sure he she really wanted to be my friend. After that I stormed up to my friend and told her that I needed to talk to her about something. After I teleported again to what looked Yonkers ave. but there was fire on the street and people were throwing bottles of beer at each other and fighting. There was a stuffed animal in one of the cars that were on the street. I was my cousin there and he said hi to me. Something happened with one of the people and they threatened that they were gonna attack me and rape me. My cousin just watched them as they began to attack me. He just watch. Never helped me.