Not a dream, an observation — law of attraction in full effect.

Date: 7/2/2017

By Purple

Twice within 5-6 days apart, I dreamt of one particular ex boyfriend who I hadn't been in touch with for at least ten years. We broke up in 1994. Thinking about those dreams, and the baggage I carried to this day, I decided to release the past, once and for all. I was not going to say my peace and I was finally okay with it. I let it go. I genuinely see this as the Law of Attraction in full effect. After I let it go, I sent emotional vibes of health and happiness and peace in his direction… Serendipity took place. About a week later, I reactivated my Facebook page for one day. Several hours after reactivation, I received a message from this ex boyfriend and a friend request. I wrote back. We had some email exchanges before calling it a night. I was actually able to open up and tell him what I had been holding on to for the past 23 years. At last. Peace. And a rekindling of our friendship, perhaps. While we did date, we were able to sustain a friendship after the dating days were history. I raised my vibration, and shortly after — boom! — the universe brought him right to me, so I can say my peace. Whoa.