Hamburgers and Loki

Date: 6/9/2017

By MsBananaNanner

We're all at church, for awana, except the middle school and highschool kids all just play kickball in the parking lot with a bunch of cheerleaders (and my PE teacher) instead of doing any work. The ball repeatedly flies over the road into the car dealership (which there really isn't one but in this there is apparently) my friends ex boyfriend (no idea why he's here) always goes and gets it and almost gets run over. Eventually awana is over so I go inside and get a prize for one of the kids that said a lot of verses or something. And the pastors wife passes out these crafts she made that are foamy pinecones with pompom dogs in them. Anywho, then it's time to leave so me and my grandma go get in the car to wait for my mom but she never comes so after walking around for ever we eventually go back to the church and there are people everywhere! And it's all people we don't know. So we figure she must be talking to someone so we go inside and then we find out there is a big yard sale type party thing going on. We wind up in a giant kitchen where Ms Patmore, the downton abbey cook is making a bajillion hamburgers and hotdogs and theyre laying all over. Me and my grandma are suddenly recruited to take them to the buffet tables and some kid shows us where to go. though i was really smart and decided to carry them in my mouth (???) and only one on my plate, so i couldnt put them out, because everything i had had a piece bitten out (i am oh so smart) Now, for some reason our church has a giant gymnasium just kind of, in it and we take all the hamburgers to there through a back door and after a few trips I get hungry so I ditch my duties and go get food. While there I find my dad getting a hamburger so i go over to talk to him and he tells me to draw a fish with ketchup on his burger while he goes and does something. I stand bewildered then "attempt" to draw a fish with ketchup which then becomes a typical blob of ketchup. When he returns he's like 'aw well you tried' then I end up in our church foyer at the doors to the sanctuary. Except now I'm with Amy pond. And Robert and Mary Crawley. We are trying to convince Robert to end the church service because people keep complaining about the demons that keep attacking them and that there are ones in the sanctuary with them. He doesn't believe us but one by one several people get up and leave the service because they feel uncomfortable. Finally I look at all the people and I point out Loki who is causing all the trouble. He finally understands but doesnt know how to get the people out without attracting lokis attention. Me and Amy run out to our minivan while trying to figure out how to contact the Doctor so he can save us. Eventually we drive away to go find some part to make some machine or something that will help us contact him. Then suddenly I'm with my brother and we stop at some gas station in the middle of nowhere and he pushes some button and a gate opens. I can sort of fly at this moment, (but when I fly its super clumsy and I just bounce around with awesome airtime) and I almost knock myself out on the gate post. We walk through this path\tunnel thing that feels like some top secret government facility until we get to more gates with rushing water on the other side in these trough things that are about 10 feet wide. He pushes another button and they open and he takes one side I take the other. (At this point I am now wearing footy pajamas for no apparent reason) we wade through the icy knee deep rushing water ducking under fence/wall/bar things. On my side I keep seeing floating heads and I get really grossed out and try to go faster. Most of the way down the tunnel I meet 3 girls going the opposite way (all in pajamas too) and the last girl was kinda fat and she pulled me under water! (Rude) Now I was soaking wet after making nearly the whole way without getting wet above my knees. I tell them to watch out for the dead guys up the stream thing and glare at the girl who got me wet. Since I'm already wet I just swim under the last gate and out of the water. There is normal floor and there is an overhang so it is dry, but just beyond it is a giant bouncy house kind of thing. And it's uncovered and it is raining really hard (and cold and windy) on the other side of the bouncy house floor Lincoln Lee from Fringe is guarding a gate that gets you onto the boat that were trying to get to because River Song is on it and we need her to contact the doctor. However before you get to Lincoln you have to unlock a padlocked gate, which means you have to stand in the rain for a bit while you unlock it. My brother is going to go first and hold the gate so I don't get so wet (how gentlemanly) however he gets stuck trying to get onto the bouncy part (it's like 4 feet tall of bouncy) so I take a running leap and land on top of the bouncy stuff and try to make my way to Lincoln in the stormy weather, but then loki swoops in and starts strangling me and I wake up.