Majestic white tiger

Date: 7/29/2019

By Lorieee

I dreamt of being in a crowded place. It's like a train track place and there are huge animals in cages on the other side, across the tracks. I saw an elephant, lions, and such. I was on a rush, it seemed like i was planning on catching the train. Then i crossed paths with this big tiger, he's huge that his face is of higher height than mine. And he was biting my arm that i used as cover to myself because i was caught unprepared. I was screaming for help. Begging the people around to help me. But no one did. Some looked, but they didnt even bother giving a hand. Then i realized the tiger wasnt giving me any bruises or anything. He was like a dog doing bite plays. And thats when i stopped screaming. I tried to pet him on his head and he is sooo fluffy. So soft. His eyes were ocean blue and his fur is white with black stripes. Suddenly, i woke up...