Finding my grandfather's dream journal on here and my half sister (dad's daughter) hugs my mom

Date: 9/2/2019

By pinkstar16121

It's 4:30 am First part: I remember finding my grandfather's dream journal on here. I didn't just find it though; I was intentionally looking for it for whatever reason. I was able to search his name, which weirdly was "grandpa," I think, I just know it wasn't his real name. Then his dream journal came up. He had quite an extensive journal and I scrolled all the way to the bottom to his first dream and saw he'd been here for ten months because it said 10 months ago. I distinctly remember two dream titles "I'm eating Cheerios," which I thought was funny for some reason, and "Eating cheeses." I suddenly felt like I had invaded his privacy and felt guilty, but nevertheless, I opened up that dream entry and read it. It said he ate 6-4 oz cream cheeses except it just said cream, and then it mentioned the word cheese later, but I knew he was talking about cream cheese, despite finding it confusingly worded. Next part: I was at my grandfather's house, walking up the sidewalk that runs along the side of his house and leads to his backyard deck. The sliding glass door leading to his indoor porch was open. I went inside and quietly closed it, although I knew my grandfather probably wanted it open. He was sleeping, but woke up, looking groggy-eyed. He did want it open for a reason I can't recall, but I remember it was logical/valid. I think my dad and mom were there. It must have been early morning like around 7 am. I was noting how the sidewalk pathway, which begins in my grandfather's front yard, was much longer than the sidewalk pathway to get into my house. I suddenly was walking up my sidewalk. Then me, my mom, and dad were at my house, sitting in the living room, all on the couch against the window. In the dream, my parents were still getting divorced (they officially got divorced on August 9th, 2013-I remember this because it's also my cousin's birthday). They were talking about how they could do it in a civilized way now compared to other people. It involved them going out to dinner. I think they were going to be signing some papers over dinner, and the expectation for divorcing couples was to just focus on that and leave (I guess in my dream world, going out to dinner to sign divorce papers was common. Either that or it was just hypothetical). They said since they were civil, they could actually enjoy dinner, and it would be more than just a formality. I found out my half sister would be there too, for some reason. My mom happily said something about how they could stay and order dessert, meaning they would stay even after the divorce papers were signed. Then, unexpectedly, but to my delight, my half sister hugged my mom. I noticed they were both wearing black. Then I woke up.