i suck at making microwaved sausages

Date: 5/17/2019

By squidward

for this part of my dream, i was some random girl from alabama who had blonde hair and was probably triple my weight (sorry, that sounds mean, but i’m just being descriptive). i was also wearing a black tank top. i was on a cleaning show where i had to clean my house better than the other contestant and i also had to prepare food. my sausage was microwaved and was only halfway done. the chicken was old and was made on mother’s day. the host failed me the moment she walked into the house. the scene changed and i turned into a short and skinny asian lady and i had black hair and was wearing a white outfit. i was entered into the show again. the host came over and said my house was spotless until she got to the second floor. there was dust everywhere. she whispered “i’m not supposed to say this because it’s not fair, but get dust cleaner and you’ll probably win this episode”. i said thanks and she left