Cheated on:(

Date: 3/16/2019

By moonbunny23

I walked in to a church with a lot of people I knew from schools and other young people. I go sit down in an isle and as I’m sitting down behind me is my boyfriend and a girl he had sexual relations with in high school(his best). My jaw drops in shock and I tell my boyfriend to meet me outside immediately. We go outside and the girl follows us out, I grab her hair and pulling as hard as I can. As I’m doing this she says ‘your not even pulling it out’, so I rip a giant chunk of hair out right from the front leave a patch gone. After that I start to question my boyfriend. I asked if he fucked her and he said yes! In my bed. On cocaine. And she slept there! Plus all of his friend had been there and she fits in with the group better than me. I was hurt and I told him I just had to go.